Winter Box

Winter Box


Each season we are releasing a carefully curated box with two ceramic items and one little extra item for you.

The winter box contains one of our signature mugs, or tumbler if you prefer, and one candleholder. As a little extra we are adding a set of hand rolled beeswax candles for you so you can enjoy sipping a nice cup of coffee or tea by candlelight right away.

Each box contains an item that is specially created for the box and not available for individual purchase at that time. The candle holder is our special piece for the winter box.

The mug is wheel thrown, then brush glazed by hand and after kiln firing they are finished with a hand sanded bottom. Our candleholders are hand build from slabs in small quantities and also brush glazed in the same glossy white as the mug.

Mugs and tumblers hold around 11-12 oz.

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