All of our ceramic pieces are crafted by hand in our small studio either at the wheel or by hand building each item. I work in small batches and focus more on the process, the life of the clay itself so to say and on creating a piece that feels right rather than perfect or identical. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail and I continue to develop my skills and understanding of the craft. It takes the freshly formed pieces anywhere from two to five days to slow dry to a leather hard state and be ready for the next stage. At this point they might get brushed with underglaze, get handles or I carve the designs before they finish drying and get to enjoy a thirty minute car ride in their fragile state to the studio where we fire our work. This is our way to support another local business.

Upon their return they get glazed, usually by hand brushing on glaze in multiple coats, then hand finished and again driven back to the studio for another, final round in the kiln.


We support:

We love to support local business and try to be mindful about sustainability and ethical practices. Our clay, tools and other ingredients come mostly from local suppliers, paying attention to supply chain and ingredients. We use eco friendly packaging as much as we can and we employ a nearby studio to fire our work. Giving back is important as well and we get involved as much as we can. Currently we support the annual adventures at with custom product donations along with donating giveaways to other local venues such as local MOPS, schools and Womans Ministries when we can.