How do I care for my pottery?

Handmade ceramics are of a delicate nature and even with normal wear & tear, pieces may break sometimes over time. We cannot be responsible for this and recommend gentle care and hand washing for the longevity of your pottery. 

Hand-made = Hand-washing for long lasting returns.  Dishwashers often have a very hot drying cycle so it's not the best for hand-made pottery.  


Can I microwave my pottery?

Microwaves conduct uneven heat and sometimes this can have an effect on particles in the clay that are expanding and contracting at different rates. This is not predictable and results will vary depending on the Microwave. Please be careful, for best results avoid microwaving.


The glaze on my piece appears to be crackled!?

Unless otherwise specified in the item description, we use non-crackle, food safe glazes.  

Mild crackling or crazing can often occur up to month or years after final firing of the pottery. It is often caused by age or drastic temperature and humidity changes (like if you move your pottery from a hot climate to a cold one). This is common and generally safe.

Vibration can also cause crazing. As does water moisture damage, which is common and to be expected in pottery planters. 

Sometimes stains occur over time through certain foods, tea or coffee. In that case tips on stain removal are easily found the internet and might help you remove those if you wish so.

We describe our pieces as best as possible in each listing, but be aware items can craze during transit or in your home. We are not liable for this and make no guarantee to items not crackling/crazing. 

Prices and policies are subject to change without further notice.