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ceramics - simple living

Pottery with Purpose.

Simplifying Your Life Is Not A Step Backwards But A Step Toward A More Intentional, Freer And More Fulfilling Life.

mindfully created ceramics to invite slowing down and savoring the moments

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living simply - thriving fully

Sounds simple and in some ways it is and in many ways it is very hard. It is more of a journey rather than a destination and often terms such as minimalism, slow living, simple lifestyle and Hygge can overwhelm us, confuse us or even push us away from getting started at all.

Well, we are going to change that. Take a peak at what’s in the works, right here.

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our pottery

Clay is such a wonderful medium for creating. It has brought much healing and is an intriguing, perplexing as well as sometimes frustrating yet rewarding material.

It didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the pottery wheel and decide to learn crafting beautiful and functional pieces. It is incredibly satisfying and it brings me joy to share them with you.

Purchasing a mindfully, handcrafted item supports small business families and their community in a very tangibly way, keeps craftsman ship skills alive in our culture and enables the buyer to have very positive impact and a visual reminder of a choice well made, every time they see and use it.

You can read a bit more about the process here.